Q: How do I place an order?

A:Simply add the items to your basket, go to check out, enter your details and click submit your purchase order!


Q: How do I receive POS materials?

A:Our free of charge Point of Sale is still available with each order. Under the section "Point of Sale" you can select which items you would like to receive. Please note that certain POS is limited. If you have a special request, please email your account manager or directly after placing your order. We will try our best to accommodate your request!

- Upcycled Product Display

- Sample Sachets (do contain plastic)

- Flyers

- Poster (for physical stores only)

- Sample Jars (for physical stores only)


Q: What are your bestsellers?

A:Find our Bestselling productshere!


Q: What products are suitable/recommended for dry, sensitive and oily skin.

A: You can find our recommended products for each skin type here:

-Dry/ Dehydrated Skin

-Sensitive Skin

-Oily/ Combination Skin


Q: Will I experience customs issues or fees due to Brexit?

A:Our EU customers receive invoices & shipments from our subsidiary company: UpCircle Beauty Europe Ltd, which is registered in Ireland. This means trading with us will be considered an EU transactions and customs fees and issues caused by Brexit will not affect you!


Q: Will I have to pay VAT?

A (For EU Customers):

If your company is EU VAT registered, you will receive an invoice from us with 0% VAT. If you are not EU VAT registered, we are legally required to charge VAT at the rate of the country we are registered in. This is 23% in Ireland.

A (For Irish Customers):

Yes, invoices will be charged at 23% Irish VAT.


Q: Will I pay shipping fees?

A:Shipping within the EU is free above €750 and free above €500 within Ireland*. For orders below €750, shipping is calculated based on weight and size of the parcel. If you would like an estimate before placing your order please email your account manager or 

*only valid for customers with a standard wholesale margin.


Q: Where can I find the imagery for my website/ Social Media pages?

A:Please find our Stockist Imagery Folderhere! For Social Media content, please check the 'Social Media Assets Bank'!


Q: How do I offer refills in my store?
Want to add UpCircle to your refill range or start your zero-waste refills
with UpCircle? Follow these easy steps:

  • Select your UpCircle refill range: We advise to start with your UpCircle bestseller(s) such as Face Moisturiser, Face Cleansing Balm, Face or Body Scrub. Of course, if there is a product that sells really well in your store, don't forget to add those, too! We offer Bulk Display Cards with instructions, ingredients and information to display in-store free of charge!
  • Place your order: All our Bulk products can be found here. Add them to your cart along with any other items you need (don't forget about point of sale), and check-out!
  • Design your refill space with full-size products, sample jars, flyers, posters and any instructions for your customers. We always advise to do the refilling yourself or assist the customer, to ensure the refills are done hygienically.
How to decant this product safely:

Use a clean tool for every dispense. Make sure the container you dispense
into has been thoroughly cleaned & sterilised. Store in a cool, dry place
out of direct sunlight.








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